Keeping your network secure is a requirement. Attacks are everywhere and come from many different sources including email phishing, social media and mobile devices. Protecting your data is paramount to the success of your business. MTG Cyber will not only protect you from attacks but will also protect your employees from accidentally doing damage by clicking on emails, visiting dangerous websites and downloading viruses. Protect your data, staff and customers with MTG Cyber. Leave the worry to us.

Here's what's included with MTG Cyber:

  • Managed Security Services - Multiple levels of secure and trusted monitoring for all of your network devices from your environment to the cloud.
  • Incident Detection & Response Services - 24/7 scanning and monitoring of your environment and containment and eradication of found threats to minimize any impact of a cyber threat.
  • Vulnerability Assessment - Evaluation of your existing network and safeguards that will determine the weaknesses and then provide prioritized remediation efforts to effectively secure your environment.
  • Business Continuity - When a cyber attack happens, such as Ransomware, the result is often critical downtime and loss of business. We maintain continuity by protecting you against these types of threats.

Did you know that a business falls victim to a ransomware attack every 14 SECONDS!? The global cost of online crime is expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021. Contact us today to find out how inexpensive it really is to protect your business with MTG Cyber.