Cyber-Security Incident

Submit an incident to our Cyber-Security Incident Response Team
  • Guiding the response and consequent actions following a Cyber-Security or Compromise incident.

    In the event of compromise, of any severity, follow the actions outlined by your IT Department, including submission of this report.

  • Enter your name as the person submitting this report of an incident.
  • Additional Contact Info for you or other parties pertaining to the incident.
  • In your estimation, when did the incident occur?
  • When was the incident first discovered?
    In your estimation, what type of the following type best describes the incident?
  • Is this the first time anyone is being notified about this incident?
  • Who else will know about this incident?
  • Who else knows about this incident now?
  • Please note that notification is an important step of the Incident Response. If you/your company has a formal incident response plan in place, it is crucial that MTG understand the part they are to play in the incident.

    If you/your company

    do NOT have an Incident Response plan established, then MTG needs to know if we are to take the lead on responding or wait for explicit direction.

    A cyber-security incident can lead to serious consequences, and it is crucial that the lines of communication be open and clear in both directions during the incident and response.

  • Give a brief description of the incident to the best of your understanding. If you require a longer explanation, then please type those details in a separate report and give the highlights here. You will have the opportunity to submit a more substantive report once the incident ticket is created.
  • What was the first thing noticed?
  • Were any business services disrupted and to what severity?
  • Describe any lasting consequences if known at this time (this may be necessary for incident claims).
  • List any outside agency (FBI, Cyber-insurance agency, etc.) that will require a report or interaction as regards this incident (if known).
  • If Personal Identifiable Information or Personal Health Information are involved in this incident, the parameters of the investigation may be much wider.
  • What other information do you feel is relevant to the incident?